10 Reasons Why You Should Never Start A Blog!

Blog Letters on Brown Wood

So, you want to start blogging do you?

You want to join all the millions of blogs that are out there and share
you creativity, passion, interest and ideas do you?

Well, good for you!

However, instead of reading all those “10 Reasons Why You Should Start A  Blog” articles, I suggest that you now read my blog post on the subject as I bring you my very own, “10 Reasons Why You Should Never Start A Blog!

1) Time.

Black And White Photo Of ClocksYep, if you haven’t thought of it, let me tell you that blogging takes time; time you could spend like you do at the moment simply slobbing out on the sofa like a beached walrus, binge-watching yourself to death and generally wasting your time doing what you enjoy… i.e.nothing constructive.

Why ruin a good thing when you can simply continue spending your time on things that don’t stretch your mind, your creativity and your intelligence.

Take it from me. you simply don’t have the time to blog as you’re already too occupied doing as much nothing as you enjoy.

2) Learning.

Letter BlocksWhy add to your knowledge bank when you already know what you need to know?

Blogging means that you’ll have to learn new things, new subjects, you’ll have to open your mind to all sorts of new ideas which you can share with potentially millions of people.

Just imagine that; you’ll have to spend more brain energy on perhaps studying new subjects and trying to put your thoughts into words.

I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

3) Words.

Brown Scrabble Boards With LettersWords… words… words… there are just too many of the damn things.

Just think, you’ll have to come up with many combinations of words made up of that scramble of letter keys you have on your keyboard.

Why try to put together words, sentences, paragraphs and such like when you can simply sit at your computer and play games with a games controller?

Alternatively you can also encourage your mind to wither with dullness as you tediously hop from link to tedious link on the web with your mouse?

No, take it from me, you don’t need all the wordy stuff to get in the way of you searching the web for inane stuff which are a real total waste of time.

Heck you might even add to your vocabulary and learn grammatical skills!

4) Connections.

Green and Beige CordThat’s all you need isn’t it, connecting with like-minded people with whom you can share, discuss and explore like-minded ideas?

No, no, no, all you need to connect on the web is your existing fellow team members while you play some blood-filled rampaging game on the web.

Just think about it, you might also come across people who can help you in your interest, hobby, given subject or passion!

5) Ideas.

Clear Light BulbYou probably don’t have any idea at the moment as to what you would want to blog about.

That’s probably true, so why go to all the effort of finding out and exploring your passions?

Why go to all that effort of sharing your passions and ideas with others?

Just think how many people in the world would actually be interested in, or  even benefit from your ideas, hobbies, skills and passions…

… it doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

6) Creativity

Close-up of Human HandWhy waste your creativity when you can simply indulge your creative mind in coming up with stupid memes, photoshopping mindless “jokes”, taking what you consider to be “artistic” selfies, etc?

You’re right, the world is more interested in seeing your stupid selfie and your trolling posts than reading your creative posts on your blog.

7) Helping Others

2 Person Holding HandsWhy bother to help others with a blog?

Just think of all those bloggers out there who write…

…”How To” blogs…

…”Inspirational” and Motivational” blogs …

…”Tech Tip” blogs…

… “Latest Gadgets” blogs…

…and so on.

Do you really want to get into that space where you selflessly help others with your skills, knowledge and interest?

Think about it very, very carefully!

8) Expanding Your Interest

Person Reaching OutImagine you’re really into gaming and you decide to start a blog on that subject. You’ll probably learn a lot more about your interest when you blog about gaming as you’ll look for new ideas to share with others.

No, believe me, you already know enough about your interest and you don’t want to waste your time extending your potential and even becoming much more educated about your interest.

Heaven forbid you might even become an expert in your field as you start blogging about it.

Can you really afford to let that happen?

9) Contribution

Man in Monk Dress Between Group of ChildrenJust think of the worst case scenario; by you becoming blogger and sharing your ideas, you could even contribute to the pool of knowledge out there which relates to your given interest.

Of course you don’t want to let others know about what skills you have and more importantly you don’t really want to help others improve or gain from your skill-set now do you?

10) Followers

Grayscale Photo of Group of People Raises HandsOnce you start blogging you will inevitably gain some followers if you share your blog and contribute to other people’s blogs.


You don’t need all of that time-consuming stuff.


No, don’t even go there as you might even end up having more followers than I have!

No take it from me and remember what I’ve told you in this posting of “10 Reasons Why You Should Never Start A Blog!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

© Al Zooks 2019


My First Very Own Personal Blog

I’ve blogged for many years.

I used to be a field tech support and computer engineer.

Person Holding Turned-on Silver Laptop ComputerOne evening, while trying out a latest desktop publishing program, I put together a fun-type magazine which included all the staff, together with their various encounters and experiences on the road in the world of tech support and computer repair.

I handed a few out the following day and met with some good reviews. 

Someone joked that I should write one regularly. 

I laughed it off as I hadn’t shown my boss.

A few months later I had a work progress review with my boss. 

We got to the aims and targets for the following year and as I reeled off some of the things I wanted to do, without warning my boss opened his desk drawer and pulled out a copy of the magazine.

“Can you make this a regular thing?  Say, every month?” he asked.

“Things like this are great for morale”, he continued.

After a good few editions of the magazine I progressed to writing the magazine on the company’s intranet system for a wider audience.

I had started blogging…

Later I went to work at a centre for people with various disabilities; predominantly cerebral palsy.

It was a 8209-300x300great place to work with a great bunch of people and varied; one minute i could be helping a service user with their personal care and needs and later helping them with auto-fills in Excel.

I learned sign language. I was also the tech support for the whole organisation.

I got to work with all sorts of specialised accessibility equipment; foot controllers, touch boards, chin clickers. I also got to work with some great accessibility software. Does anyone still use WIVIK?

With some of the service users, I set up an in-house magazine as I wanted to get to grips with some new software before teaching it and I wanted something with which I could involve the services users on an on-going collaborative project.images

Eventually that magazine turned into a blog as I thought that would be a good progression.

I then worked for the  in a rehabilitation centre as the computer instructor for people with various mental health illnesses.  

I worked with people from all areas of society including ex big shots in the city who had crashed (emotionally, not financially…), an ex MP, ex drug addicts and even convicted murderers.  Flat Lay Photography Blog Scrabble Bricks

I loved that job so much.

I learned various teaching techniques and as I was also the tech support for the departments, I had to stay 3 steps ahead of anyone else and my software skills rocketed.

I also learned a lot about myself.

I also ran the department’s blog.

Then I relocated to a different part of the country and for well over a year I commuted by driving just over 200 miles a day, as I loved my job where i was still working at the mental health centre.

Eventually, common sense, commute fatigue and spending entire weekends sleeping, nudged me towards taking a job nearer to my new home.

The first job I got nearer to home was working for local government.

Now that was an eye opener.

downloadWorking for local government is a bit like being very inconvenient to your local area by digging up the busiest road, making a very deep hole, bulldozing a load of money into that hole and then requesting a larger budget for next year.

Oh, and then raising local taxes for the “work” you’ve carried out on the road… which will never be the same again.

Can you tell I didn’t like working for local government?

I also ran the department’s blog.

I then moved into the private sector; a large retail organisation.

Working in the private sector after a few short years in local government was a bit like opening your car window when one of your passenger’s has farted… it was a relief to say the least.

Once again, I ran blogs for other people and organisations.

Eventually I got my current job working in the entertainment industry.

I deal with acting, television, movies and so on, on my work’s various social media platforms.

I also run their blogs.

So much for my parents telling me that I would amount to nothing because all I loved to do as a kid was watch TV and movies. 

It took a while but my pastime has become my job

Anyway, I digress.

The point of all this is that I have never had my own personal blog…Empty Gray Road Under White Clouds

… until now.

I don’t expect many followers here as I’ll predominantly be using this blog as a release and a dumping ground for some of my busy thoughts that rattle around inside my head…

… a curation platform for articles and ideas I want to save…

… probably some rants…

… things that amuse me…

… posts about tech news…

… share tech tips and advice…

… share some of the tools and platforms that I use for business blogging and social media…

… gadget articles…

… and other things that I need to release from my spinning swirl of thoughts.

So, feel free to join me on my journey, however I’m taking this journey whether I have any passengers or not…

… but you’re more than welcome to hop aboard.